About Mixat

Mixat is a well-known fast growing company that supplies its customers with all natural products from spices and herbs to premium nuts and dried fruits. So what differentiate us among others?

For starters, we produce 90 percent of our own peppers by selecting nothing but the finest ingredients from the best farming houses and carefully cleaning, drying and milling our spices. All of this is done in our factory in order to produce 100 percent natural products free from additives and preservatives. All our products are processed in-house as they get roasted, mixed, and packaged in different sizes to cater to consumers' needs. We constantly come up with original ideas for healthy yet tasty snacks with the younger generation in mind.


Cleanliness is also one of our key aspects since our main concern is our customers' health. Our mills, roastery and factory follow the finest standards of food safety and cleanliness. Moreover, Mixat not only cares about humans' health, but also the environment's condition. It is an eco-friendly company that tries to preserve the environment by decreasing the amount of waste using recycled carton boxes and energy saving LED lights.

Our company was established in 2015, we distribute all over the Lebanese grounds. Small shops and retailers can order lower quantities with little or no minimum order. We strive for expansion and internationalism by delivering high quality food items while maintaining the values we stand by.